Iran: Human rights and anti-death penalty activist Emmadeddin Baghi arrested


on 16 October 2007

Over the past years, Mr Baghi has undergone repeated acts of repression linked with his human rights activities. On July 31, 2007, the Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced him to a three-year prison sentence because of articles calling for the defence of persons who were sentenced to death in the Khuzestan province. He has appealed this sentence. Over the last months, he has publicly protested against the wave of hangings, many in public, that have swept Iran recently.
At least 210 executions have been carried out in Iran in 2007, making the country the second, after China, in the number of executions carried out annually.
The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty strongly opposes the increase of executions in Iran and condemns the growing repression of anti-death penalty activists.
It calls for an immediate and unconditional release of Mr Baghi and urges the Iranian authorities to guarantee the right to freedom of expression and respect for human rights in compliance with international human rights standards and with the international and regional instruments ratified by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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