Moroccan coalition highlights Mrini case


on 12 February 2008

Mrini was found guilty of the murder of a Dutch woman in 2005 and sentenced to death by a Moroccan court on June 14, 2007.
“The Coalition, who has been following this case as part of its struggle for the abrogation of the death penalty in Morocco, calls upon the Moroccan judiciary to take the world trend against that punishment into account and to ensure that the accused’s rights are vindicated and that he receives a fair trial,” said the Moroccan Coalition in a statement published on February 9.
The group expressed worries about “a strong presence of security forces, especially Dutch ones, in Salé court, which creates the fear that such a visible presence might influence the verdict”.
The Moroccan Coalition member organisations joined forces in 2003 to obtain the legislative abolition of the death penalty in their country. Although no execution has taken place in Morocco since 1994, the courts still hand down death sentences.


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