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Catholic Mobilizing Network

Catholic Mobilizing Network is a national organization working in close collaboration with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and living the mission of the Congregation of St. Joseph. Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) proclaims the Church’s pro-life teaching and prepares Catholics for informed involvement in the public debate to end the death penalty and promote restorative justice.

Catholic Mobilizing Network educates the lay community through our programs and materials on the Church’s teachings on the death penalty, facilitates respectful and informed discourse within the Catholic community and the community at large and advocates local and national community leaders for life and human dignity


CMN creates and distributes educational materials about the Church’s pro-life teachings regarding the death penalty and restorative justice for use in parishes and faith communities. These resources include radio podcasts in English and Spanish, workshops with facilitator guides, state-specific fact sheets, parish bulletin inserts, and more. CMN also networks and presents at national, faith-based conferences each year to educate and mobilize people of faith to end the death penalty.


CMN supports and energizes state campaigns to repeal the death penalty and amplifies the Church’s call for the end of capital punishment. Working with bishops, State Catholic Conferences, Catholic dioceses, religious communities, partner organizations, members of the laity and more, CMN empowers people of faith to speak out against the death penalty in their own communities and implore their state officials to repeal the practice. CMN works closely with Catholic and secular anti-death penalty partners to achieve maximum impact.


CMN recognizes the power of prayer and encourages and facilitates prayer for victims of violence, for those on death row, and for a justice system rooted in mercy and compassion. CMN creates and distributes prayer cards, plans prayer services, and offers other spiritual resources. Being grounded in prayer serves as a catalyst for people of faith to act to end the death penalty.

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