Become a member

Only legal entities can join the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty

In accordance with article 5.1. of its Bylaws, the World Coalition welcomes organizations that share the aim of the universal abolition of the death penalty.

What the World Coalition offers its members

  • An international network to share news and contacts and to give more visibility to members at the international level (including with the UN bodies);
  • A website with one page dedicated to each member organization and articles published about member activities;
  • A list-serve for members to communicate and share updates, strategies, and resources;
  • Publications and tools dedicated to the Coalition’s mission, such as the mobilization kit for World Day Against the Death Penalty. Every year, each member receives a parcel with all the tools for World Day;
  • News about the death penalty in the world (World Coalition monthly Newsletter, Death Penalty Worldwide Database, and Online Library);
  • A voice and a vote at the bi-annual General Assembly to contribute to strategic issues.

What the World Coalition does not offer its members

  • Support for individual cases or legal aid;
  • Financial support;
  • Media work or official statements.
    Members may share these statements with the World Coalition, but the World Coalition cannot create or initiate them.

How members can support the World Coalition

  • Be an active member: the World Coalition depends on its members to contribute to the discussions and advocacy of the network, and they are encouraged to take an active part in missions;
  • Support the Coalition’s work by paying an annual membership fee, as well as by making voluntary financial and in-kind contributions;
  • Actively promote the Coalition and its missions through their work, social media, websites, and advocacy;
  • Share information and resources with local and regional networks (human rights organizations, media, and political groups);

Join us

Before you apply for membership, we invite you to consult the Membership Rules, the Intention Statement and the Bylaws.

The Steering Committee decides twice a year on new requests for membership – typically in April and November.

For any additional information, please contact us.