Chaml (Non-Violent Non-Sectarian Lebanese Citizenly Youth)

Mandate and goals :
Spread the culture of non-violence, non-sectarianism and human rights and advocate for political/legal change that is relevant to our values. We have five principles: Non-sectarianism, Non-violence, Justice, Democracy, and Sovereignty.

Kind of actions :
– Raise awareness, protest, and lobby to pass the Lebanese Personal Status law
– Document sectarian hate speech and file legal charges against politicians who are guilty of such speech
– Educate hundreds of youth on the values of non-violence and non-sectarianism through workshops
– Protest to support labor rights, women rights, electoral reforms, civil rights and social rights
– Protest to abolish the death penalty in Lebanon in addition to visiting inmates on death row inside Lebanese prisons in order to include them in the efforts to abolish the death penalty in Lebanon.

Actions aiming at the abolition of the death penalty:
We have taken part in many national conferences aiming at abolishing the death penalty. We have also organized and given several trainings on the subject to many young people. Additionally, we have organized and implemented a direct action (theatrical protest) at the Saudi embassy in Lebanon on the same day we heard that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was planning to execute a Lebanese national on charges of sorcery. Our most recent action was participation in a protest/march with LACR and AJEM on the international day to abolish the death penalty on 10 October 2012 – The march headed to both the ministry of justice and the headquarters of the military court to remind the pubic and demand those in charge of our demands to abolish the death penalty in Lebanon.
Chaml is also a member of the national coalition for abolishing the death penalty in Lebanon.

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Contact informations

55 Youssef Al Hani Street, Rizk Building
B.P. 17 5227 - Gemmayzeh Beirut
Phone +961 3 111445
Fax +961 1 445333