Coalizione italiana contro la pena di morte

The Italian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (ICADP) was established to form a network between both Italian and foreign groups, associations, movements, and individuals that oppose capital punishment, and to coordinate their work and efforts.

The ICADP holds talks about the death penalty around the world, spreads information and promotes campaigns. It is especially interested in the situation in the United States, as it is the only Western democracy that still uses the death penalty as a means of punishment. However, it works to get the death penalty abolished all over the world.
The ICADP is in direct and constant contact with other abolitionist groups and associations  worldwide. Most of its members have direct relations with death row prisoners, both men and women, in the USA and other countries.

The Italian Coalition’s strong opposition to the death penalty is unconditional. Its members are convinced that the respect of human rights is an unquestionable top priority. They consider that justice cannot be pursued by taking revenge, but by conducting the forces operating in society in a just and balanced way.
In the views of the ICADP, each community must be in a position to assure its members the certainty of punishment if they commit a crime and, above all, equitable and rightful legal proceedings. But it also has to enable offenders to rehabilitate themselves whenever possible, thus balancing the legitimate need of the families of victims of violent crime for justice, and the respect of the very same values that demand an act of justice.

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