European Association for Human Rights

The European Association for Human Rights mainly promotes the welfare of prisoners. Its work is especially focused on taking care for death row prisoners and their children, and abolishing the death penalty. Many people on death row are dismissed in their search for help and support from the established human rights organizations. There is a lack of capacity or projects are not sufficiently advertised.
The European Association for Human Rights especially wants to support people who have been looking for help from non-profit organizations for a long time. The Association has started the “Texas Death Row Project” to help Texas death row prisoners to cope better with their physical and mental situations. To do this, it implements the following programmes:
Protected childhood: it supports children of selected past and present death row prisoners in Texas.
Letters to death row: for prisoners on Texas death row, letters are often the only contact with the outside world. The Association publishs pen pal ads for prisoners on Texas death row, especially for those who have had a difficult time finding friends, as well as for new prisoner who have just arrived on death row.
Justice for Gerald Marshall: the Association supports obviously innocent prisoners with their legal cases by helping them to hire qualified legal representation as funds permit. Its first such project is Justice for Gerald Marshall.
Care packages for prisoners: the Association supports Texas death row inmates with care packages or funds to have access to essential goods and necessities.
Texas death penalty education: the Association educates the public as well as prisoners on the legal atrocities of Texas death row. It strives to inform the public about the death penalty system in Texas and teach the prisoners about their rights with a view to enabling them to protect themselves.

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