Fédération Syndicale Unitaire (FSU)

The United Trade-Union Federation (FSU) brings together 22 national trade unions in the fields of education, teaching, research, culture, training and social integration. They represent the majority or a large proportion of workers in their professional fields.
FSU unites these national trade unions by combining diversity, pluralism and unity. Its characteristic organisational innovation is to bring national trade unions, departmental sections and movements together in its operation.

FSU is the leading  trade-union in France for teaching, research, and culture, and the leading government civil services trade-union.
Its objectives include fighting for freedom and equal rights, for human rights, peace and disarmament, fighting against racism and exclusion, and against sexism and discrimination of all kinds.
Opposition to the death penalty is part of these objectives, for which FSU is committed to acting in France, Europe and in the world.

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104 rue Romain Rolland
93260 Les Lillas
Phone +33 1 41 63 27 30
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