Forum Marocain pour la Vérité et la Justice

Le Forum marocain pour la vérité et la justice (FMVJ) was created by victims of the “years of lead” between 1956 and 1999. It defines itself as a human rights association dedicated to defending the rights of victims of forced disappearances, arbitrary detention, torture and exile, and their families.
The FMVJ seeks to establish the truth about these human rights violations and to reveal the responsibility of the State and its agents for the atrocities which took place. It fights against the impunity which protects those who carry out certain crimes.
The Forum supports victims and helps them recover their dignity, particularly by obtaining legal assistance for them to lodge complaints with national and international courts such as the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (ERC). It keeps the memory of the years of lead alive and puts pressure on the Moroccan authorities to introduce the legal reforms needed to protect human rights.

Since 2001, it has managed a welcome and counselling centre for victims of torture. In 2001, a symposium bringing together several Moroccan human rights organisations adopted a recommendation demanding abolition of the death penalty in the kingdom.
Since then, the FMVJ has advocated this aim by actively contributing to the Moroccan Coalition Against the Death Penalty, founded after this symposium. It investigates death row, probes the authorities concerned after each death sentence is passed and puts pressure on the Coordination of Human Rights Associations in North Africa, of which it is a member, to collectively take on the issue of capital punishment.

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