Hope and Justice

Hope and Justice is a small association founded after a plea for help from two prisoners sentenced to death, Justin Fuller and Carl Brooks. The initial aim was to save their lives by raising awareness among the greatest number of people possible of their cases and a fund for their defence.
Justin Fuller was executed in August 2006 and Carl Brooks’ sentence was commuted to lifetime imprisonment in June 2007.
Respecting a request by Justin Fuller before his execution, the volunteers from Hope and Justice decided to continue their fight against the death penalty and its assistance to prisoners.
The association supports the prisoners on the death rows in Polunsky (Texas) and Raidford (Florida) prisons, easing their daily lives and relieving their solitude.
Thanks to collections from the public, Hope and Justice provides them with financial help, magazine subscriptions, books and presents for Christmas and their birthdays. It helps set up defence funds.
The association facilitates their contact with pen pals and organises a ten-day visit twice a year to the supported prisoners.

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Stijn Streuvelslaan 9
1933 Sterrebeek
Phone +32 273 15 800