Lualua Center for Human Rights

The objectives of Lualua Center for Human Rights are:
1- To contribute in the promotion of economic, social, cultural, environmental and civil growth according to the international declaration of human rights and subsequent relevant international conventions.
2- To work on achieving integrity and transparency and fighting corruption. To enshrine the concept of citizenship by promoting the role of citizens in shaping their future.
3- To work on spreading the spirit of harmony and fraternity between the peoples of the Arab region on the basis of tolerance, dialogue, non-violence and human rights.
4- To establish cooperation ties between the different parties concerned by the association’s activities, locally, regionally and internationally.
5- To issue publications, circulars and books and to organize conferences, symposiums and workshops but also to make use of the different social media outlets in order to achieve the previously mentioned objectives.

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Mount Lebanon - Mekalless - Salibi Tower - 7th floor
P.O. Box 166492
Mount Lebanon
Phone +97339668024
Fax +9611501516