Mêmes droits pour tous (MDT)

Les Mêmes Droits pour Tous (MDT) is a Guinean organization from the civil society. It has been created by Order No. 3242/MATD/CAB/SACCO of 26 May 2006. Since then, MDT has been actively involved in the defence and promotion of human rights in Guinea. MDT specializes in the field of criminal justice. To date, MDT acts in almost all of Guinea’s natural regions and has, in addition to its national headquarters in Conakry, two regional offices based in N’Zérékoré in Guinée Forestière (2008) and Kankan in Haute Guinée (2012).

Member of several platforms including the FIDH, the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, MDT has also an observer status at ECOSOC. MDT has provided legal and judicial assistance to thousands of victims of illegal and/or abusive detention, victims of gender-based violence, victims of torture, victims of long term pre-trial detention, populations affected by major projects, particularly mining projects, etc.

In the end, MDT has been increasingly focused on the reform of criminal laws in accordance with Guinea’s international commitments, the promotion of a legal environment favourable to populations affected by mining projects and democratic governance issues.

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sis à l'Immeuble Barry, Hamdallare
Rond-Point, Route le Prince, face station star
5728 Commune de Kaloum, Conakry
Phone +224 622 334 619 / +224 664 784 717