The Young African Group for Democracy and Development, Togo-chapter (REJADD-Togo) is an organization promoting and protecting human rights and humanitarian actions. It was officially created on August 11, 2006 and currently has an official chapter in Mali.

The REJADD-Togo aims to contribute to the sustainable, integral and harmonious development of Africa in general and Togo in particular.

Its main objectives are: to promote and protect human rights, democratic and human values, to contribute to the sustainable development of Africa in general and Togo in particular, to promote good governance in Togo, and to fight against the death penalty and mob retribution in Togo.

At the international level, REJADD intends to play a key role in networking African civil society organizations along the dimensions that constitute the cornerstone of the MDGs. It is counting on the collaboration of its African and international civil society colleagues for the operational implementation of its networks, which will contribute smoothly to Africa’s development.

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263 Rue de la Splendeur
Tokoin- ABV/Gbossimé
30746 Lomé
Phone +228 22 19 82 44