Serbia Against Capital Punishment (SACP)

Serbia Against Capital Punishment (SACP) was formed in 2012 to work towards universal abolition of the death penalty and to oppose its reintroduction in Serbia or any other country. It also opposes torture, as well as all other inhuman and degrading punishments.

SACP maintains a data base of more than 7.000 persons sentenced to death in Serbia and Yugoslavia from 1804 to 2002.
Its web site also contains a data base of Serbian/Yugoslav legislation concerning the death penalty.
Every year SACP commissions two polls of public opinion on the death penalty in Serbia and publishes the results on its web site.

SACP regularly marks the World Day against the Death Penalty by organizing an appropriate event in Belgrade and /or other Serbian cities. Together with the city of Belgrade, it also takes part in the worldwide campaign Cities for Life.

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Velisava Vulovica 10
11040 Belgrade
Phone + 381 63 328 992
Fax + 381 11 3245 065