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The Rights Practice

The Rights Practice works to promote and strengthen the protection of human rights. Our work is currently based in China in three programme areas: improving access to justice, strengthening public participation in decision making and promoting dignity of the person. We believe that the death penalty violates the right to life and is the ultimate form of cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. The use of the death penalty always carries the risk of an unsafe conviction and a miscarriage of justice.

We are working to promote fair trials and provide access to defence services and legal aid for anyone at risk of being given a death penalty in China. Our work includes research into the application of the death penalty in China and the way mental illness is assessed in the criminal justice system. We support the efforts of China’s lawyers and scholars to challenge China’s application of the death penalty and campaign for its abolition. The Rights Practice is a member of Anti Death Penalty Asia Network, ADPAN and supports the work of China Against the Death Penalty.

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Respect for Minimum Standards? Report on the Death Penalty in China

on 1 January 2020


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