Abolition of death penalty is now complete in Italy


on 4 March 2009

This treaty prohibits capital punishment under any circumstances, not only in peace time, but also during war time.
Only Azerbaijan and Russia have not signed it. Austria, Spain, Latvia and Poland have signed it but not ratified it.
In 1995, Italy ratified the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Politic Rights, which abolishes the death penalty for ever: state parties are not allowed to denounce that protocol.
Among the six countries which are not parties to the 13th Protocol, three are nevertheless parties to the Second Optional Protocol.
The World Coalition especially encourages Latvia to sign it and Poland to ratify it. Russia has not yet ratified the 6th Protocol, which abolishes the death penalty in times of peace .
Death penalty is now abolished in the Italy, for every crime, under any circumstances, including war, and for ever.

Click here to read an analysis of Italy’s ratification by Elizabeth Zitrin, international coordinator of Death Penalty Focus, a US-based member organisation of the World Coalition



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