Live from death row

World Congress

on 25 February 2010

The film screening organized Tuesday evening at Maison des arts du Grütli by the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights saw a phone discussion with the famous American death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal – 15 minutes live from death row.
“ It was a very moving moment live from death row,” a member of the audience said. “Thanks for the privilege we had to discuss with him,” another person added. The emotion was palpable among the public.“Mumia doesn’t feel like a symbol of the anti-death penalty campaign,” said Robert Bryan.  Today, Barack Obama can make the difference , he continued, referring to a petition to the US president already signed by 17,000 people.According to Bryan, the death penalty is a privilege reserved for the poor, but it is also a public finance issue. “If it is more expensive to execute somebody than to send them jail for an entire life, why not use this money for education, for instance ?», he asked.
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