World Coalition Conference to celebrate 15th anniversary in Washington D.C.


By Aurelie Placais & Jessica Corredor, on 9 June 2017

15 years after its founding General Assembly held in 2002 in Rome, Italy, the World Coalition is celebrating its anniversary in the USA.
In 15 years, the World Coalition has grown to become an independant international NGO with more than 140 members organisations from all over the world. It has grown to be a key network in the fight for universal abolition of the death penalty.

The conference will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the death penalty and poverty, the theme of the 15th World Day Against the Death Penalty. The two-day meeting will also be a good time to talk about the death penalty in the USA in the context of the new administration and about mobilisation in Africa. Participants will also have a chance to win new skills with workshops on communication or working with the UN. Finally, a statutory meeting, open to members only, will define the World Coalition’s strategy for the future. 


Thursday 22 June – Opening session

17.00-18.00: Welcome, speeches from hosts and dignitaries
18.00-20.30:  Cocktail reception and Special preview of The Penalty (90 min.)Q&A Will Francome, Director

Friday 23 June – Plenary sessions and workshops open to the public

9.00-11.00: Plenary session on poverty and the death penalty

Speakers:  Shreya Rastogi, Center on the Death Penalty,
                      National Law University Delhi, India
                     Adaobi Egboka, LEDAP, Nigeria
                     Florence Belliver, FIDH, France
Moderator: Kevin Rivera-Medina, WCADP , Puerto Rico       
11.15-13.15: Workshops

•    Reporting to the UN and lobbying for the UPR
 Amy Bergquist, the Advocates for Human Rights, USA
 Stephanie David, FIDH, New York Office
 Chiara Sangiorgio,Amnesty International, UK
 Moderator: Aurélie Plaçais, WCADP, France

•    Presentation of the training manual: Advocating for the abolition of the death penalty in sub-Saharan Africa
Angela Uwandu, Lawyers without borders, Nigeria
Fulgence Massawe, LHRC, Tanzania
Nestor Toko, Droits et Paix, Cameroon
Moderator: Guillaume Colin, FIACAT, France

14.30- 16.30: Plenary session on the death penalty in the USA

Robert Dunham, DPIC
Madhuri Grewal, The Constitution Project
Robin Maher, The George Washington University Law School
Moderator: Elizabet Zitrin, WCADP, USA

16.30-18.30: The inevitability of error: experiences from death row  exonerees

Witness to Innocence, exonerated death row survivors
•    Kwame Ajamu
•    Shujaa Graham
•    Debra Milke
•    Lawyer Johnson
•    John Thompson
Moderator: Madgaleno Rose-Avila, Executive director, Witness to Innocence, USA

Screening of The resurrection club (25 min.)

Saturday 24 June – Sessions closed to the public

9.00 -15.00:  Statutory meeting

15.00-16.30:  Workshops closed to the public

•    Communication and advocacy
Margot Freeman, Dupont Circle Communications, USA
Richard Dieter, Richard Dieter Communications, USA

•    Fact-finding focused on the socioeconomic status of people on death row

Madalyn Wasilczuk and Sharon Pia Hickey, Cornell center on the Death Penalty Worldwide, USA
Hsin-Yi LIN, Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty, Taiwan
Moderator: Lucy Peace Nantume, FHRI, Uganda

16.30-18.00: Steering Committee meeting

Live Tweet for the International Conference Against the Death Penalty:


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