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The death penalty – Abolition in Europe

By Council of Europe / Peter Hodgkinson / Roger Hood / Michel Forst / Stefan Trechsel / Caroline Ravaud / Hans-Christian Kruger / Philippe Toussaint / Serguei Kovalev / Eric Prokosch / Renate Wohlwend / Roberto Toscano / Roberto Fico / Anatoly Pristavkin / Sergiy Holovatiy, on 8 September 1999



Czech Republic

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Europe is the first continent in which the death penalty has been almost completely abolished. The Council of Europe has been Europe’s major defender of abolition and presently requires all countries seeking membership in its ranks to place a moratorium on the death penalty. This collection of texts by major European abolitionists includes voices from countries which have enjoyed abolition for many years, as well as from those where abolition has been a struggle against public opinion. Contributors from governments, universities and NGOs add their voices to that of the Council of Europe, explaining the achievements and the ground still to be covered in attaining total abolition in Europe. An introduction by a world expert on abolition, Roger Hood and a conclusion by Russia’s leading abolitionist Sergey Kovalev makes this volume a moving testament to the battle for abolition of the death penalty, which is already so well advanced in Europe. This collection also contains a detailed explanation of Protocol No. 6 to the European Convention on Human Rights, which deals specifically with abolition of the death penalty, as well as reports on various eastern European countries which have yet to attain complete abolitionist status.

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