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Go With God

By Frank Harriman / Filmbay Ltd., on 1 January 2012

David Taylor has just half an hour to live. He is alone in his cell, in a foreign country, facing execution for something that isn’t even a crime back home in Britain.David has committed the crime of adultery in Iran, a fundamentalist Islamic nation. In the last minutes of his life he tries to come to terms with terrifying finality of his seemingly insignificant actions.Written to be shot in real-time, we follow every second of every minute of the last half hour of David’s life. As he chain smokes his way through to his upcoming oblivion, David is a mess of emotions. From tears and rage to laughter and even calm, he is trying to wrench everything… anything… from his dwindling life.As he interacts with different people, each having a different agenda – the prison governor, the Swedish consul, the guards and his best friend – we see a mirror being held up to reflect the wider world we live in.And finally, it is a simple study of raw human emotion, of friendship and of love.

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  • Countries list Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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