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Mpagi Edward Edmary

By Amnesty International / YouTube, on 1 January 2008

Mpagi Edward Edmary from Uganda spent over 18 years on death row, accused of killing a man who was later found to be alive.Mr. Mpagi’s family successfully campaigned for his release, providing evidence that the alleged victim was still alive. Sentenced to death for murder in 1982, the Attorney General proved that the man Mr Mpagi was accused of murdering was still alive in 1989. However it was not until 2000 when a nine member presidential committee released Mr Mpagi, deciding he was innocent.Held for many years in the Luzira Upper Prison, Mr. Mpagi taught his fellow inmates to read and write. He became one of the longest serving inmates and a prison elder. Mr. Mpagi is now an advocate for the abolition of the death penalty and is a committed religious leader. A graduate from a Catholic Diocese he regularly tours prisons providing inspiration and hope to prisoners.

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