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State Secrets: China’s Legal Labyrinth

By Andrew Nathan / ChristineLoh / Liu Baopu / Fu Hualing / Jerome A. Cohen / Human Rights In China, on 8 September 2020

This report describes and examines the PRC state secrets system and shows how itallows and even promotes human rights violations by undermining the rights tofreedom of expression and information. The PRC state secrets system, implementedthrough a CPC-controlled hierarchy of government bodies, is comprised of statesecrets laws and regulations that work in tandem with the PRC’s state security,criminal procedure and criminal laws, to create a complex, opaque system that controlsthe classification of—and criminalizes the disclosure or possession of—statesecrets. By guarding too much information and sweeping a vast universe of informationinto the state secrets net, the complex and opaque state secrets system perpetuatesa culture of secrecy that is not only harmful but deadly to Chinese society

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