Abolition Death Penalty of Iraq Organization

According to the Abolition Death Penalty of Iraq Organization, capital punishment is the state’s terminology for murder. Individuals murder each other, but states sentence individuals to ‘capital punishment.’ The demand to end capital punishment and prohibit murder stems from opposition to intentional,  deliberate and planned murder of one by the other. That a state or ruling political force is responsible does not make the slightest difference to the fact that we are dealing with intentional murder. Capital punishment is the most deplorable and form of intentional murder since a political authority, publicly, with prior notice, on behalf of society, with the utmost  legitimacy and ruthlessness, decides to murder someone, and announces the date and time of the event. Indeed, the organization is working to abolish the death penalty in Iraq, eridicate torture of  prisoners and defends the rights of prisoners according to the international standards.

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