Academic University for Non-Violence and Human Rights – AUNOHR

AUNOHR, www.aunohr.edu.lb, the Academic University for Non-Violence and Human Rights, is a non-profit independent institution of higher education, first-of-its-kind in Lebanon and the region and unique worldwide.

Founded in 2014 after a pilot project (2009-2011), its main objectives are both: academic professionalism and for social change, starting with the personal development of every student.

The faculty members are from around the world, and its international advisory council formed by Nobel Peace laureates and philosophers.

The legacy of AUNOHR is based on the pioneering experience of its founders, Ogarit Younan and Walid Slaybi, over the past four decades.

AUNOHR offers Master’s and University Diploma Degree (BA and PhD: soon), in nine following Majors with more than %50 of the curriculum innovation: Education, Training, Mediation, Theater, Citizenship, Communication, Human Rights, Civil Strategies, and Culture of Non-Violence.

In addition, a specialized Center for Active and Academic Training provides professional and grassroots’ programs with university certificates.

The official language used at AUNOHR is Arabic, in addition to courses in English and French.

Many agreements were signed with other universities, the last one with Bordeaux-Montaigne university “The Chair UNESCO for Non-Violence and Social Work”.

Some of its initiatives nurturing and institutionalizing this culture at the heart of the society: “The National Day for Non-Violence in Lebanon” on October 2nd (decree by the government in 2016). The universal statute of Non-Violence “Knotted gun” in Beirut, in 2018. The integration of the culture of Non-Violence in the national curriculum for all schools in Lebanon, after signing an agreement with the ministry of education and CERD in 2018…

The best message on AUNOHR about its impacts could only be that of students. Testimonials (short videos).

Awards: The 2019 Fondation Chirac Prize to the university. The Gandhi International Award 2022 to the founders.

AUNOHR founders were associated with the abolition of the death penalty in Lebanon since 1997. They are the founders of the first national Campaign (coalition) in the history of this country for the abolition of the death penalty. They created in AUNOHR an academic course and modules on this subject as a new kind of university teaching.

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Ministère de l’Education et de l’Enseignement Supérieur : Ayroun - Choueir, Mont-Liban.
P.O.Box 17 5227 Gemayze Beirut
Phone +961 – 70 – 111- 382 (office landline)