Adaleh Center for Human Rights Studies

The Adaleh Center for Human Rights Studies is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded on September 2003 and based in Amman, Jordan.
Its mission is to enforce human rights values in Jordan and the Arab world, through building the capacity of non-governmental organizations and practitioners working in the field of human rights, democracy and justice.
The center operates in accordance with all universal human rights declarations, principles, and charters issued by the United Nations.
Its vision: to create a mindful society that enjoys basic human rights and freedoms, free from discrimination and violations against human rights, and where values of dignity, freedom, equality, tolerance, and respect are widely spread.

Its objectives are:
• To elevate the respect towards freedom and human rights.
• To enhance democracy principles and the rule of law.
• To activate the role of the judiciary and to ensure its independence.
• To enhance the knowledge of the law and to ensure its independence.
• To spread awareness on human rights.
• To invigorate the human rights situation and to document human rights violations.

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