Arab Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Within the framework of its European Commission-sponsored programme against the death penalty, Penal Reform International (PRI), together with the Amman Centre for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS), organised a regional conference in Amman, Jordan, on July 2 and 3, 2007 to develop a regional strategy to advance the abolition of the death Penalty in the Arab World.
The conference then concluded by the formation of a regional coalition against the death penalty composed of national coalitions from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Yemen, with an open invitation for future national coalitions from other Arab countries to join in.
Its aim is to reach an Arab society free of death penalty where the rule of law, sanctity of human life, human rights and tolerance prevail.

The objectives of the Arab Coalition are as follows:
– To ensure the appropriation and the continuation of the programme challenging DP when PRI’s programme comes to an end.
– To work towards enlarging the membership of the regional coalition by inviting other Arab countries to challenge death penalty.
– To join the world movement against death penalty in celebrating the World Day Against Death Penalty on the October 10.
– To encourage the most advanced country on the path to the abolition of the death penalty to host a regional gathering on the World Day Against Death Penalty.
– To establish an Arab observatory of the death penalty under the supervision of PRI (Amman Office) and ACHRS.
– To adopt the date of the first abolition in the Arab World as the Arab day against death penalty.
– To facilitate the exchange of expertise and good practices among national coalitions.
– To promote research and studies on alternatives to the death penalty.

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