Joint statement from 48 coalitions, networks and human rights organizations from 12 Arab countries

By The Arab Coalition Against the Death Penalty, on 6 January 2016

The Coalition against the Death Penalty and the human rights organizations undersigned  expresses  shock  and  utter  condemnation of  the  massacre  of mass  executions  which  claimed  the  lives  of  45  Saudi  nationals  and  one Egyptian in addition to another Chadian, which were carried out in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the year 2016.

They express great concern at the growing phenomenon of the political use of the death penalty, which befell the political opposition Nimr Baqir al-Nimr  who  was  a  prisoner  of  conscience  and  was  executed  on  political background  after  he  announced  an  opposition  point  of  view  against  the political authority of Saudi Arabia. Many human rights organizations and bodies, which has been demanding the humanization of the criminal justice, ensuring of the right to life, and signing of the United Nations Declaration moratorium on the death penalty pending the effective abolition of the death penalty from national legislation, have been  appealing  and  calling  to  release  him  or  submit  him  to  a  fair  and equitable trial, but Saudi authorities ignored all that, executed him, and the confiscated his body.

Our  organizations  call  for  the  countries  that  resort  to  execution,  Saudi Arabia  in  particular,  to  abandon  the  policy  of  elimination  and  deliberate exclusion of political opponents and the adoption of unfair trials under their names and weak arguments, like fomenting sedition and disturbing public order.  At  a  time  when  Nimr  Baqir  al-Nimr  demanded  from  within  his country for political rights of Saudi citizens and that the people be the source of authorities, and he expressed his opinion calling for the right of the people to choose their rulers, and such views cannot be included within the crimes punishable by law.

Our  organizations  also  express  their  deep  regret  that  the  majority  of  the official  international  community  ignored  the  deterioration  of  the  human rights situation in Saudi Arabia, for many years, either in anticipation of its natural resources, its oil reservoir, or unjustified exploitation of its major financial capabilities. we  considers that  the policy of double  standards in the  rights  of peoples human rights issues in this country, or other countries, is a real threat to international  peace  and  security,  and  it  is  one  of the  core  causes  of  the growing  phenomenon  of  terrorism  in  the  world,  and  we  call  on  the international community to shoulder full responsibility in drying the sources of intellectual, financial, and colonial racism and other.

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