Avocats Sans Frontières France

The mandate and objectives of Avocats Sans Frontières France are:

1. Defending lawyers and defenders of human rights subject to threats or attacks of any kind because of their exercise professional;
2. Contribute to the effective implementation of human rights, universally recognized for ensuring the acces to any private person to a free and independent lawyer;
3. To work wherever this is useful and necessary the establishment and strengthening of the rule of law, the institution judiciary and especially the right to receive a fair trial and an effective defense.

For this purpose, it uses all means at its disposal and can seize any national institution or international law or non-judicial, and respond to them, including through the civil party before the competent courts

Any proposed action by Avocats Sans Frontières France is justified and is focused in at least one of four following areas:
Axis 1: Emergency defense for human rights defenders and of victims of the gravest injustices;
Axis 2: Protection and enhancement of the free exercise of legal profession for the benefit of vulnerable people;
Axis 3: Access to the law and equal justice for vulnerable people;
Axis 4: Capacity building and empowerment of local actors of justice;
Transversal axis: Advocacy

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