Center for Prisoner’s Rights (CPR)

The Center for Prisoners’ Rights (CPR) was established in March 1995 as the first Japanese NGO specializing in prison reform. CPR‘s goal is to reform Japanese prison conditions in accordance with international human rights standards and to abolish the death penalty.

The organisation researches human rights violations in Japanese prisons and makes its finding known to the public both inside and outside Japan. CPR gives legal advice to prisoners and provides legal assistance through attorneys if necessary. It studies international human rights standards in the prison reform area, introduces them to Japan and promote ratifications of international human rights treaties.
CPR publishes a newsletter four to five times a year, which features prison litigations, reports on visits to foreign prisons and digests of the seminars held by the organisation several times a year. The newsletter is sent to about 5,000 people including prisoners and their families, lawyers and researchers. CPR’s budget consists of annual membership fees, donations and assistance from several foundations.

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