International Academic Network for the Abolition of Capital Punishment (REPECAP)

REPECAP was founded in 2009 with the aim of supporting preparations for the creation of the International Commission against the Death Penalty that was created a year later. We represent a non-governmental organization whose purpose is of academic nature for the dissemination of scientific knowledge impartially through its many nodes present at prestigious Universities around the world. It also seeks to highlight the fact that capital punishment is an act of cruelty intolerable to the international community and its elimination is linked with the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals.

Kind of actions: Congress, seminars, teaching, publishing.

Membership of the organization: Max Planck Institute, Irish Centre of Human Rights, Instituto nacional de ciencias penales, Institute of Economic Criminal Law & European Law University Coimbra, College de France, …

Composition of the board: William Schabas, Cherif Bassiouni, Mireille Delmas – Marty, Hans Joerg Albrecht, Ulrich Sieber, Kanako Takayama, Peter Hodgkinson, Anabela Miranda Rodriguez, Sergio Garcia Ramirez, Paloma Biglino Campos, Eduardo Vetere, Luis Arroyo Zapatero, Silvia Steiner, Stefano Manacorda, Sandra Babcock

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