Justice Project Pakistan (JPP)

Justice Project Society, commonly referred to as Justice Project Pakistan (JPP), represents the most vulnerable Pakistani prisoners facing the harshest punishments at home and abroad, including those facing the death penalty, mentally ill prisoners, victims of police torture, and overseas Pakistani prisoners.

JPP was the winner of the 2016 Franco-German Human Rights Prize for the Rule of Law and the 2016 National Human Rights Award awarded by the President of Pakistan.

Our Approach

Litigate: Led by lawyers and investigators, our legal team carries out strategic litigation pursuing cases on behalf of individuals with the potential to bring systemic change

Advocate: Fierce domestic and international advocacy campaigns with the potential to bring systemic change are carried out by our advocacy team

Communicate: Our communications team devises rigorous media campaigns and public events directed towards changing the public perception about the death penalty

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Trapped Inside: Mental Illness & Incarceration

on 25 March 2022


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Mental Illness


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Pakistan’s criminal justice system fails to provide meaningful protection to persons suffering from mental illness at all stages of arrest, trial, sentencing and detention. Under Pakistani law, a person of unsound mind is unable to form criminal intent and therefore is not subject to punishment. Despite this, a disproportionate number of mentally ill prisoners are currently in Pakistan’s jails and on death row.

In light of the above, JPP, in collaboration with Monash University Australia, is launching a report titled “Trapped Inside: Mental Illness & Incarceration”, a comprehensive review of Pakistani law and practice with regards to mentally ill prisoners and defendants. This report seeks to help relevant stakeholders to better understand and respond appropriately to the mental health needs of individuals across the criminal justice system. It focuses on the steps stakeholders can take to promote and protect mental health and well-being of individuals at each stage. The report also explores last year’s landmark ‘Safia Bano’ judgement by Pakistan’s Supreme Court, which commuted the death sentences of two mentally ill death row prisoners, banned the execution of prisoners with psycho-social disabilities and set key safeguards for the same.

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Who Are We Hanging?

on 1 January 2019


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The index, created by Justic Project Pakistan, gives statistical information on the use of the death penalty in Pakistan.

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