Lebanese Association for Civil Rights (LACR)

The Lebanese Association for Civil Rights – LACR was founded in 2003 as a continuation of an action experienced since 1983 by two pioneers of the culture of non-violence in Lebanon and the Arab world: Walid Slaybi and Ogarit Younan. They are both writers, researchers, sociologists, pioneers of active training in Lebanon and grassroots activists. Dr. Younan and Dr. Slaybi were also the founders in 1997 of the National Coalition/Campaign to Abolish the death penalty, which brings together 70 associations and parties and dozens of individuals. They also accompanied the World Coalition the World Congress for the abolition since their debut in 2001.

Recognized for its innovative expertise in the field of active training and non-violent direct action, LACR works for civil peace, citizenship and change the confessional system, socio-economic and political rights, humanistic education, and justice. LACR is a member of several local, regional and international networks, three of which were initiated and coordinated by it. It is also the objective of LACR to found other movements and institutions working together for the same values ​​as the overall project, including: Non-violent homes in villages (BILAD; educational nuclei anchored at the heart of communities) young Citizens Non-denominational Non-violent (CHAML; political action movement), Mothers for civil peace (UMAHAT), Non-violence Without Borders for the Arab world (regional network), and the Academic University for Non -violence and Human Rights in the Arab World (AUNOHR) with nine specializations at Master level.

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