Prisoner’s Future Foundation

Prisoners’ Future Foundation (PFF) is a local non-governmental Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) following government enforcing the NGO Act of 2009 of the laws of Zambia. PFF has in the past handled both advocacy and service delivery, in responding to the needs of currently and formally incarcerated people and citizens who have generally come in conflict with the law.
The purpose of Prisoners Future Foundation(PFF) is to contribute to the improved welfare of inmates and ex-inmates through providing them with legal services, support to their rehabilitation, empowerment and integration. Further, PFF supports the mitigation of climate change by contributing to correctionalfacilities putting into place environmental management measures.
Its Strategic Intervention Areas include
  1. improved access to justice and rehabilitation of inmates;
  2. re-integration and empowerment of ex-inmates;
  3. creation of environment friendly correctional facilities; and
  4. institutional development of PFF.
PFF’s vision is a society in which there is equal access to justice for inmates and ex-inmates, respect for human rights, observance of the rule of aw and a sustainable and pollution-free environment. PFF’s mission is to provide legal services as a means of promoting human rights to inmates and their rehabilitation while empowering and integrating ex-inmates into society.

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Chitanda House, First Floor, Room 117 &121,Town Centre.
80945 Kawbe
Phone +260 978 127 554