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Reprieve is a high-impact human rights organisation working to end the death penalty, and extreme human rights abuses committed in the name of “war on terror”: torture, rendition and assassinations. Our vision is a world free of execution, torture and detention without due process

Based in London, but working with partners across the globe, Reprieve’s lawyers, campaigners and investigators uncover and expose abuses committed by powerful governments against the powerless. We litigate in cases of strategic significance to seek justice for our clients. We tell their story, raising awareness and building public momentum on the issues. In doing so, we create a climate where abuse is condemned, perpetrators are held to account, and pressure exists to prevent further abuses.

This approach works. To date, we have helped to secure the release of over 80 prisoners from Guantánamo Bay – more than any other law firm or NGO – helped more than 500 people around the world to avoid execution, and worked with victims of drone strikes and their families. From the US to the UAE, Pakistan to Malawi, we fight for justice and we save lives

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