SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights (SALAM DHR)

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights (SALAM DHR) is an NGO that endeavors to preserve universal principles of dignity and respect by shielding democracy and human rights. SALAM DHR conducts monitoring and analysis, produces reports, develops recommendations on policy and legislation, organizes advocacy campaigns, conducts trainings, and builds effective coalitions. SALAM DHR is actively involved in international cooperation for human rights and democracy, including the production of alternative reports on key human rights topics, coordinating coalitions, lobbying for reform of flawed institutions, and articulating NGO positions at the UN Human Rights Council, the European Parliament, and various domestic bodies.

For example, in the past three years, SALAM DHR has conducted the following activities and campaigns to abolish the death penalty:

1) Publishing reports on death penalty in Bahrain in regular basis
2) Issuing joint statements on death penalty in Bahrain in different occasions
3) Recently signed a joint open appeal letter to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Kingdom of Bahrain to commute the death sentences in Bahrain
4) We are in direct contact with OHCHR, The Special Rapporteur and working groups on extrajudicial killing, and Human Rights Council member to update them in all issues related to death penalty in Bahrain
5) Engaged in sides events and delivered oral intervention on death penalty in Human Rights Council sessions
6) Lobbying for the abolition of the death sentence in Bahrain and the Middle East on the local, regional and international level
7) Raising awareness against the use of the Death Penalty in the Media.


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The Death Penalty in Bahrain: A system built on torture

on 14 January 2022


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Salam for Democracy and Human Rights (Salam DHR)’s report was published on October 10, 2021, to mark the 19th World Day Against the Death Penalty. The Death Penalty in Bahrain: A system built on torture, provides accessible and abridged information regarding the development of the death penalty in Bahrain.

This report examines how executions have expanded in both their criteria and implementation since the Arab Spring in 2011 and how this practice contradicts the Government of Bahrain’s (GoB) promises of reform made following the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) that same year. Instead, the Bahraini State continues to rely on confessions coerced under torture and threats as a method of permanently silencing poliIcal prisoners. The nation’s internal mechanisms of accountability have repeatedly proven themselves to be ineffective in remedying this situation and are possibly complicit. Considering these findings, and in support those who have been victimized, Salam DHR officially recommends that the GoB abolishes the death penalty, among other reforms.