Anti-death penalty double bill in the Gaza Strip


on 3 April 2008

The first meeting took place on March 10 in the offices of the Palestinian Society for Democracy and Law in Rafah. At least 30 individuals representing a number of NGOs in Rafah attended.
The second meeting was held on March 12, in cooperation with
Sharek Youth Forum in Gaza City. At least 30 students and graduates of
al-Azhar University in Gaza and a number of civil society activists attended
the meeting.

Raising public awareness

The events are part of PCHR’s death penalty project, which aims at raising public awareness and creating a public opinion calling for the abolishment of capital punishment from Palestinian laws.
PCHR also seeks to stop extra-judicial executions carried out by Israeli forces against Palestinians.
The meetings discussed the international trend towards the abolition of the death penalty from domestic laws, and the recent United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for a moratorium on executions.
During the meetings, discussions were opened among the participants who were
divided between supporters of and opponents to the death penalty.

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