Support grows for Davis as his execution is stayed


on 26 October 2008

About thirty other events were planned in the US and abroad.
In France, around 200 people gathered in Paris to listen to speeches by personalities and take part in a “die-in”. French Ambassador for Human Rights François Zimeray, Senate Legal Committee Vice-Chairperson Nicole Borvo Cohen-Seat and Paris Bar Association Chairman Christian Charrière Bournazel took part in the event.
Charrière Bournazel said the Davis case proved the necessity of abolishing capital punishment. “This is about accepting that human justice is relative, while the death penalty has an absolute character”, he said.
Other actions are scheduled these days, mostly at the initiative of World Coalition member organisations such as Amnesty International and ACAT.
At this stage, Nicolas Krameyer, who organised the Paris protest for Amnesty International France, urges the public to keep signing the petition addressed to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles, “even though it had turned a blind eye until now”. He also encouraged activists to maintain media attention on the case and to “who that mobilisation is global”.


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