Improved access to unique global death penalty library


By Thomas Hubert, on 10 July 2014

Whether you’re a student cramming to finish a law thesis on the death penalty this summer or an activist getting material together for an event on World Day Against the Death Penalty on October 10, the online library contains the sources of information you need.
It contains all the resources on the death penalty identified by the World Coalition since the beginning of the 21st century in over 15 languages, as well as key documents from the 20th century such as international treaties.
The new search engine allows you to just type a few words in the simple search tool, or enter refined request by region, country, theme, author, publisher, language, etc. in its advanced section.
Navigation through search results has been clarified, with a quick option to see more details about a document without leaving the list of documents matching your search.
The library provides a single web address for each document to share it, add it to a bibliography or come back to it later.
The library offers links to download or order each document (book, report, film, piece of international law…) from its publisher.
The World Coalition secretariat made improvements to the library thanks to European Union funding and voluntary support from Mary Traynor and Sophie Fotiadi, with Hypernaut implementing the changes.
The World Coalition welcomes feedback on broken links and missing documents – please help us improve this unique documentation centre!

Photo: Chris Devers

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