China reduces the number of crimes punishable by death to 46, but keeps drug trafficking in the list


By Aurélie Plaçais, on 7 October 2015

The amended Criminal Law, which will take effect on Nov. 1, removed 9 crimes punishable by death including: smuggling weapons, ammunition, nuclear materials or counterfeit currency; counterfeiting currency; raising funds by means of fraud; arranging for or forcing another person to engage in prostitution; obstructing a police officer or a person on duty from performing his duties; and fabricating rumors to mislead others during wartime.

It is the second time China has reduced the number of crimes punishable by death over the past 5 years. In 2011, the NPC Standing Committee dropped the death penalty for 13 crimes, reducing the list from 68 to 55.

The death penalty is still used for a wide range of crimes, including non-violent crimes such as corruption and drug-related offenses. China remains the country with most executions in the world, estimated at 2,400 in 2014.


China Drug Offenses

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