United Republic of Tanzania

Children Education Society (CHESO)

The mandate of Children Education Society (CHESO) is:
– To combat causes of most vulnerable children including children’s rights violations, poor governance,  HIV/AIDS, poverty, climate change and reinforce realization of the children’s right to education
-To eliminate bad policies and laws subjecting children to vulnerability
– To end human rights violations subjecting children to vulnerability
– To ensure children’s voices are heard and acted upon
– To promote good governance and the rule of law
– To promote and protect children’s rights
– To support children and their households to obtain redress of their violated rights through court and non-court processes
– To support child victims of bad policies, laws and human rights violations to realize their fundamental right to education

To do so, CHESO:
– Conducts research and produces awareness materials (Research reports, booklets, T-shirts, burners, brochures etc)
– Conducts awareness raising events to government and political leaders
– Conducts awareness raising events in schools
– Conducts advocacy events to demand a change through organizing peaceful matches, round table discussions and press conferences
– Establishes and operationalizes community educators and monitors
– Conducts awareness raising to the general public  by Airing TV and Radio Programmes

Regarding our work on the death penalty, our organization has conducted awareness raising on children rights in schools including a need for abolition of death penalty in Tanzania.
We also plan to conduct awareness raising sessions to teachers with students aged 14 to 18 years against death penalty, debates in schools with students aged 14 to 18 years. We plan to conduct ministerial round table discussion to reach to them, voices of the students against death penalty and we plan to mobilize students aged 14 to 18 years to commemorate the world day against death penalty through debates, peaceful matches and roundtable discussions with policy and law makers.

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1003 Vikunai Street
Tuangoma Ward,Temeke District
Phone +255 732 992164