Hands Off Cain holds moratorium conference in Gabon


on 11 December 2007

Gabon’s prime minister Jean Eyeghé Ndong and Consitutional Court president Marie-Madeleine MBorantsuo welcomed Hands Off Cain vice-president Elisabetta Zamparutti, government members, diplomats and civil society representatives in Libreville on December 10 to discuss the prospect of a global moratorium on the death penalty.
Italy’s ambassador to Gabon Raffaël de Bénedictis said that “it is necessary to keep raisning awareness on a large scale, to gain furhter support and widen the consensus base” around the idea of a moratorium.
Delegations from Mali, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the abolition of the death penalty is currently considered, met officials from African countries that have ended capital punishment, such as Djibouti.
Gabon itself abolished the death penalty on September 13, 2007.

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