Appel à contribution – Publication sur la peine de mort dans le monde

le 31 août 2011



The Centre for Capital Punishment Studies has been invited to put together two collections about capital punishment.

Publication One: ‘The library of essays on capital punishment’

Editor: Peter Hodgkinson with Kerry Ann Akers

This collection to consist largely of previously published work considered by us to represent the best in the field reflecting the international experience and scholarship about capital punishment. This collection will represent a comprehensive analysis of capital punishment worldwide reflecting a multi-disciplinary approach. The 3 volumes comprise 1500 pages. Please ensure that papers submitted for consideration are received by March 2012 with publication assured in 2013 in good time for the REF [UK universities research evaluation].

Publication Two: ‘New voices about capital punishment’

Editor: Peter Hodgkinson

For this collection I would particularly welcome contributions from researchers and practitioners reflecting fresh thinking about capital punishment.

This collection will challenge the received wisdom that ‘success’ as measured in abolitionist terms is achieved once executions are halted and will consider the proposition that the expected benefits of abolition are rarely achieved without wholesale reform of the infrastructure that supports and implements the death penalty. The evidence for this proposition is manifest with many countries experiencing little or no improvement to their legal, political, social and penal systems none more so than in those countries that have abolished in the past 15 years.

The collection will comprise 15 – 20 chapters. Please ensure that papers submitted for consideration are received by December 2012 with publication assured in 2013 in good time for the REF [UK universities research evaluation]. Papers will be peer reviewed.

Listed below is an indication of the issues I would like to be reflected in both of these publications and for which I invite papers and submissions of interest. The costs of authoritative translations of papers where necessary are to be met by the authors as neither I nor the publishers have funds available for this.


Peter Hodgkinson [Editor] or Kerry Akers
Director and Research Associate – Centre for Capital Punishment Studies
School of Law
University of Westminster
4, LittleTitchfield Street
London W1W 7UW
Tel: +44 [0]207 911 5000 Extns: 2501 and 2553
Emails: &


In defence of capital punishment;
Arguments for abolition;
The usual suspects: justifying capital punishment;
Religion and capital punishment;
Medicine and capital punishment;
Juveniles and the death penalty;
Country analyses;
For and against analyses;
Cultural and philosophical perspectives;
Capital sentencing guidelines;
Drug offences and capital punishment;
States in transition;
Mental Health and capital punishment;
Post-conflict states;
Anthropological explanations and solutions;
Public opinion;
Victim issues;
Evaluation of DP NGOs;
Alternatives to the death penalty;
Management of prisons;
Strategies for abolition;
Whole of life sentences;
Execution protocols;
Purpose of capital punishment;
Capital punishment as an effective penal policy;
Why abolish;
Restorative justice;
Execution methods -relation to justifications;
Gender issues and the death penalty;
Families of the victim and the condemned;
Perspectives of the condemned;
Attitude change;
Preparing for abolition;
Transitional arrangements;
Abolition -The aftermath;
Management of life, death sentenced and long term prisoners;
International law and the death penalty;
Transitional justice and the death penalty;
Military applications of the death penalty;
Human rights bodies and the death penalty – UN, ICCPR, ECHR, IACHR, Arab HRC, and African HRC;
Global Constitutional judgments limiting / outlawing the death penalty;
Global / regional court judgments on non-reviewable sentences;
Landmark capital cases with commentary;
Litigation strategies – the aftermath;
Capital offences;
Legal perspectives and critique;
Legal education;

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