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Coalition marocaine contre la peine de mort

The Moroccan Coalition Against the Death Penalty (CMCPM) brings together seven NGOs:
-the Moroccan Prison Observatory,
-the Moroccan Human Rights Association,
-the Moroccan Forum for Truth and Justice,
-the Moroccan Organisation for Human Rights,
-the Association of Lawyers’ Bars in Morocco,
-Amnesty International – Moroccan Section and
-the Centre for People’s Rights.

Its objectives are the following:
– definitive repeal of the death penalty from Moroccan legislation;
– that national courts immediately cease to pronounce the death penalty;
– revision of all death sentences by commuting them to non life-depriving sentences; – ratification of the Second Optional Protocol to the United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ;
– ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Penal Court; – reinforcement of co-operation and solidarity ties within the world abolitionist movement.

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World Coalition Steering Committee member

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10 rue Patignol Belvédère
20050 Casablanca
Phone +212 537 770060