World Coalition worried by the current situation in Iraq and Tibet (China)


on 19 May 2009

On  24 April 2009, the World Coalition sent an official letter to Chinese Minister for Justice Wu Aiying Buzhang and to President of the autonomous province of Tibet Qiangba Puncog Zhuren to protest against the death sentence pronounced against six Tibetans by the Municipal intermediary Court of Lhasa following the events of 14 March 2008.
The World Coalition, while demanding the immediate adoption of a moratorium, recalled that no study could prove that Death Penalty is efficient against re-offence. On the contrary, it is proved that the death penalty is discriminatory and targets above all the poor, minorities and the members of certain racial, ethnic and religious communities.

12 executions in Iraq

The situation in Iraq is also very worrying. The World Coalition tried by all means to convince the Presidential Council not to sign execution warrants for 128 death row inmates
 Although a local member handed an official letter in person on 7 April 2009, the World Coalition could not prevent the execution of 12 persons. The World Coalition was shocked by such expeditive methods and contacted the European Union.
The diplomatic chanceries of EU member states in Baghdad have been strongly mobilised in the field.
The World Coalition has yet to receive an answer from either the Chinese or the Iraqi authorities and is exploring all means available to make its message and that of the world abolitionist community heard.


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